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DAAAAAAAAMN the animation and how they made the episode was freaking good!!!!!!!!!!

At first,we see the SH in the ship,with Usopp saying that he wants to see how Luffy is,and with Chopper saying that he knows how to pic up Luffy.

Then we head back to Zoro and Sanji,who argue.They really got the baby talki scene really good.I am really tempted to write the rest of the blog like sanji talked,but the following scens are not worth it! They finaly note out some noise,which turns out to be the fake SH and the rest.

Thwn we switch to the Luffy and fake SH scene.BEWARE.HIGH LEVELS OF EPICNESS.

Well im gonna describe in short what happened with the fake SH and he other pirates.Demalo black(fake luffy) starts saying some things,and then many marines circle them.The battle starts,bla blah blah and then pacifistas come there,along with Sentomaru,and start beating the crap out of the pirates including the captains.Interesting,but Caribou's fruit is reavealed,(not exacly but he see it is a logia),and it is his skin clour,or a bit more light.blah blah blah

Demalo is caught,then boast a little in order to save his life that he is dragon's son,garp's grandson and the great pirate that went to marineford,and ...........Sentomaru does what w all wanted to dop to him........make his face like feuoehohedefhaiwfh'ao..............and thn he say that the realy Luffy is here.

Now the epic scenes start.

Luffy tries to espape,but px5 shoots at him,taking of discuise.Then the pirates note out that it's him.The all freak out,and Fake Zoro,sanji and Sogeking ar all like:GAAAAH HE WAS THE REAL STRAW HAT!

Then the classic scene that everyone who reads the manga remebers.Px-5 fires 3 shots,but luffy evades with just moving his head,saying"that's slow".We now know how exacly he starts gear 2nd with his arm.He just streches out his hand,and the classic cilcular-like things that apear on his feet when he charges gear 2nd apear on his hand,thus making it extremly much easier.then he jumps on top of Px-5,landing 1 punch on him.HE CREATES A FUCKING BIG CRATER! DAMN LUFFY.Sentomaru alos notes that he now uses haki.

Then Zoro and Sanji arive,and they greet luffy.At last,Luffy recognizwes his own nakama.Sentomaru orders px-7 to take them,but,as in another classic scene we saw,the beat him,by cuting him and breaking his how when b4,Sanji broke his lef kicking him,and Zoro had to use some epic move to cut him,and Luffy used one of his stroneg moves(cannon) to not beat him,but now they pwned him......................still we have discuseed all these when they happened in the manga,but's let;s do it again!

Finally,as the 3 are running away,Luffy stops,turning around,and greets rayleigh,says thanks,and says that(how many times have we heard it?) IM GONNA BECOM THE PIRATE KING!

Listen to this while redining