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Spoiler alert just for you no manga reading guys!(and the ones that dont know that chapter 638 is out)

The new chapter's end was shocking!!!!We see Hordy stab Decken,trying to kill him for his betrayal!God!

Let's star things from page 1.We see Kohza and his father,with some other dudes,and the headline is:Alabasta kingdom:minister of enviroments Kohza.I am surpised that Kohza hasnt changed much.Alos glad that his father has gain a few kilos(or pounds if you will).

As for the chapter itself,pretty avarage.Not many things happening.Fishmen trying to stop Noah(yeah right),Hody injuring thenm all with the most overused attack for like many arcs(at least,for an enemy).Yeah i'm talking bout Yabusame..........ha got an idea ill count how may yabusames there where and post the in the end!]

Luffy is out to the sea,so he's pretty uselles and Hordy triens to attack them.But when Decken attacks,the three princes apear.I dint expect that at all frankly.So Fukaboshi saves luffy.

Something that was nice was Hordy's new weapon,The kirisame,which was a blade that attached to his back,making him shark that could move at high speed AND slice up things.Better than Shark:darts on IMO.

so im goonna go now count the yabusame......or im gonna do it sometime else and write it in the comments so you can read this blog XD