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Ok so in the few times that we got to see the Gorosei in 'action", they have either Talked, or destroyed a hole island. From the scars and muscles, we can see that they have some sort of battle experience(of cource, i dont think they would make them kings of the world for nothing).But aside from that, what do we know about them?

Pretty much nothing.So what can we imagine about them? Well, beeing the Gorosei, the rulers of the WG, they are the rulers aof the world. There is no one that can stand up to their opinion, of course, if he isnt a Pirate or an outlaw.

Now let's see smthing else:they dodnt like to spoil the reputation of the WG. They would go as far as exterminate an island from history to keep their *ss safe, and not spoil the reputation.They dont mind killing anyone, and they deal with pirates(Shichibukai).

Now an other thing: i dont think that Monkey D. Dragon would go as far as creating such a big organisation if he didnt have a reason(he sterted by seeing how "rotten" the people in Goa kingdom are,went and made an organization to oppose the ones at fault).

Last but not least,i have two theories about hos things will turn out for them:1) they will try to cover up too much, people will learn what's been happening the past years(with a little help from Dragon and possibly Robin), and everyone will join the Rebel army, and take them Down, or 2)nobody will ever learn what happened, and the SH will just beat them,(especially Robin cause she wants revenge)

Hope i havent bored you, and please say your opinions in the comments XD.

The evil concil XD