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ok so today i am sick :((((((

in any case noticed sotmhign taht i had noticed again some time ago.......

ok so first of all..Fever causes pain in the body,and high temperatures cause of the high speed flow of blood,that is used to heal the body.

Also,we know that gear second rushes the blood,and makes such high temperatures that it makes smoke come out of the body

SO i figured that Gear second must be like a very high temperature fever.If that is true,then how the F does luffy mopve around like that?

It would recuire insane power (power that even luffy doesnt have)

Or else,i proves how powerfull gear 2 allows the user to be even more powerfull,even though the get tired and feel pain. Of course it is supported by the no-pain body of the rubber man.

So yeah that was it XD just a random thouhgt i wanted to put out

(radnom fact: while showering,put the water in hot.then also have smthing like a heater in there.If you do it right,gear second smoke will aprear from your hand)

Ok so give me your opinons on that XD