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YES YES YES !!!!!!!

fanboy's and fangirl's wishes have become true...............we got 4 speculations reaveled in the same chapter!~!!!!!!!!


1) Luffy CAN make a giganto gatling.It is officially called Elephant Gatling but who cares.....

2)Chopper really can become a self controlled monster.His smiling face was soo epic.........i thin i know my avatar in prbly one year.............(nnnaaaah it doesnt suit me i think)

3)Luffy is trying to destory that's how it goes huh?

4)Hody was defeated easily and by Luffy,as we expected.

Now then i other hting i have to note.

I loved the part that shows Brook's dedication to Luffy.He is now the 3rd/4th to have said it

!st was Zoro,after he got deafeted by mihawk(Is that okay withj you,Pirate King!??).2ns was Usopp,in his fight with mr4 and miss merrychirstmas(dont remeber the exact line,somthing like he has to protect Luffy's dream,he aint dead cause he's gonna become Pirate king).For some reason,i thin somome else said it too.If yeah say it.

Oda also passed a very well-put hidden message.When Shirley told the kids not to judge by the looks of things.Well played oda,well played.

I'd like to show you something else.After the fishman with a baseball on his head(bottom right corner we now have a fishman with balls on his head( Top 2 panels

Now for a full review read neo swan's one XD