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Ok so the new epsiode.Not that good.Yet i liked it.Well, it seems that i got used to 2nd sabaondy epicness,but now we got back to normal epicness.Judging that last year there was the timeskip in the manga was last year,we have to w8 fir a year to get to the plaza war.

What i'd like to notive first of all is the win of Sanji;s VA.WOW! YES! C"MON! *whiile watching pics*.But i gotta ask and srry.If he gets nosebleeds from just some covered parts and SAYS WOW YS C:MON at those,if he saw one of those "MDM magasines" what woul;d he do??? Explode?

Then,the midori boshi.I got nothing to say bout that.XD

Surume reallyl runs awfully.On the other hand,he HAS NO legs.How will he walk!?

Now.....he finally reached FI!!!! the view seems nice! Plus,using this sountrack was a good idea


i really odnt have anyhting more to say.Just wanted to point those things out! SRRY FOR CRAPY REVIEW!!!