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first of all spoiler alert so we dont have any wisunderstandings ok? XD

now then i read the new chapter and it ends with luffy vs jinbe preperetion.i think it's gonna be a short battle, since jinbe doesnt want Luffy to fight Hordy cause he thinks he has the same srength as he had in marineford.So when he will see the new power Luffy has obtained, he will let Luffy pass right?

As for the other nakama we finally saw what happened to brook zoro and ussop, and where Roin was.We got to see a new poneglyph wich was an apologizing letter to "Joy Boy",and got to see what happened to neptune.

Oda once again ,by solving some mysteries,he created more.I.m.o i think that Joy boy wont have smthing to do with the void century,and Zoro will open the lock as he commanded it(predicting the first real real sign of Haki for him)