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  • Footsteps can be heard
  • A man enters the wiki building, and he seems like he was gone for soem time, and that he was on adventures.
  • He grins, and opens the door to the blog room, and a light can be seen from it
  • As always, a pandemonium of happiness and randomness can be seen everywhere

Swim: Always good to be back here!

Ok so guys and gals, im back with one more random blog this time!

Well i gotta say, this though reaaaally came into my mind randomly. But oh well.

Ok so, to start of, i better say what this blgo IS about. Well. it might...or might not be abotu Gol D. Roger.....Ok it is! SO i was thinking about his age. It always troubled me you know! So i was thinking that we only have 2 clues. 1 is the fact that roger Died 22 years ago (b4 the timeskip). The second one is the fact that Brook, during the talk the straw hats had with Rayleigh, he said that there might have been a rookie named Roger 50 years ago

So it's a simple thing to kiiiinda calculate how much he is (in a very non-specific way, with a lot of guesses)

So let';s start by thinking that when Roger Started his journey (when he met rayleigh) he was 17, like luffy was when he started. So let's say that it took him 1 year to get his name known to the other pirates,so that brook knew about him. That would make him 18. After that, we will timeskip 50 years to teh future, where he is (deadly) 68 right? And by goig 22 years back, we reach teh conclution that when he died he was around 46. Now, also judging by his appearence, i think this would be a logical age for him

So that's about it. But i also did this blog bot only to share this idea i had, but to also check how things are going are here in my old home..(come to think of it, now that i watched FT, i kind think of this as a guild, with me being always on jobs :P:P )

So well, you might want to comment about your thoughts on Roger's age, or amybe other's age too, or jsut comment randomly !! (Sorry DP Sencho, but im here to cause havoc!!)

All Wikians':*silence*

Swim: *Sweatdrop*