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  • I live in Greece!
  • My occupation is Student duh!
  • I am ......................male
  • Swimswimfruit
    • Footsteps can be heard
    • A man enters the wiki building, and he seems like he was gone for soem time, and that he was on adventures.
    • He grins, and opens the door to the blog room, and a light can be seen from it
    • As always, a pandemonium of happiness and randomness can be seen everywhere

    Swim: Always good to be back here!

    Ok so guys and gals, im back with one more random blog this time!

    Well i gotta say, this though reaaaally came into my mind randomly. But oh well.

    Ok so, to start of, i better say what this blgo IS about. Well. it might...or might not be abotu Gol D. Roger.....Ok it is! SO i was thinking about his age. It always troubled me you know! So i was thinking that we only have 2 clues. 1 is the fact that roger Died 22 years ago (b4 the tim…

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  • Swimswimfruit


    July 4, 2012 by Swimswimfruit

    OK Yossu first of all...Hisashiburidana~aa!

    Secondly, whoever gets the meaning of the title plus 1+ to troll skill.

    Now then. b4 we start, i would humbly ask our very own DP-sencho to not foam from the mouth, in total rage to this blog's cotnent, keep his calm and at least give this idea of mine a read. If it is for the sake of keeping this blog up, then i wouldnt mind dissabling the comments since it will prbly cause a flame war. SO on with the trol....i mean blog!!!

    OK so the content we are discussing today folks is none other than.......Sabo. Yes. You heard me right. Haha! You thought that after "One piece Green" That thing had ended as a serious discussion, and would only live out as a troll didnt ya? Well guess again. Today ,after seei…

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  • Swimswimfruit

    Holy Shit

    May 23, 2012 by Swimswimfruit

    Chapter 668.Shit got REEEAAAAAAAL!

    OK i dotn have time but i will says some things i want

    1)law's reactions to the SH crew (expecially the Chopper hat) were hilarious

    2) The yonko i think IS shanks.I say that because nami reacted SO hardcore,and Shanks would be the only one ot make Lufyf smile like that.IF it was big mom, he would say "yeah i gotta beat her too" IF kaiod, not a big response. If BB, a hardcore angry oen.S it was Shanks

    3)I expected a more beatifull monster in the end.


    Nuff said.Feel free too mutate from the epicness of the chapter.

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  • Swimswimfruit
    • A man in a room with not much light is sitting in a laid back pose, with his legs on the table, his sanji-long hair covering his eyes,adn a big grin on his face*

    ??? I'ts finally 18th eh?

    • The man puts his legs down, stands up, and quietly leaves the room.

    In any case, not minding my little intro, It's swim here. Yossu. As ou must have noticed (unless you have lost track of time), it's 18th May. You'd say "So what?". Well i have a reason to finally blog here again.

    • Multi-coloured fireworks open up behind
    • Epic pose

    It's my birthday in this wikia!!!!!




    • Crickets*
    • Ahem*

    In any case, i wont make a blog liek rici's but i do have some thing to say.

    So, this is my story:

    First of all, i have to say a giant thank you to this com…

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  • Swimswimfruit

    A random guess

    April 10, 2012 by Swimswimfruit

    Hey it's swim here and with a new blog! so dont expect something very dramatic here,just a random guess.

    So i have a hunch about the later One piece and about somthing of it.

    • 1)So as we know,Roger had an incurable disease.
    • 2)Also, as we know,Dr Hilluluk cured his also uncurable disease with the magnificent sakura.
    • 3)I have guessed from long ago that Luffy wil come down with Roger's disease,and curing it will fullfil chopers dream of becoming a doctor that can cure anything

    So my guess is that the following will hapen-->Luffy will come down with Roger's and possibly Hiluluk's disease.Chopper will try to heal him,but fail.And at the max,as Luffy is almost about to die, Chopper will find the cure,using sakura again.

    Again,dont mind this blog.It's o…

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