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The Dreams Of The Straw Hats

SvarkImad February 9, 2010 User blog:SvarkImad

I am missing one ... your help would be appreciated ...

1 - Luffy: To become the Pirate King

2 - Zoro: To become the world's greatest swordsman

3 - Nami: To make a map of the world

4 - Usopp: To become a brave warrior of the sea

5 - Sanji: To find All Blue

6 - Chopper: _______________________________ ?

7 - Robin: To learn the true history of the world

8 - Franky: To create his dream ship

9 - Brooks: To reunite with his nakama (Laboon)

Correct me if I am wrong on any of these. I can't remeber what Chopper's dream is exactly ..

Is he the same as Usopp? trying to become a brave man of the sea? Or is he trying to become a doctor who can cure any illness? They make little reference to his personal dream anymore.

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