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  • SvarkImad

    Has there ever been a merman with devil Fruit ability? if so, what happens when they go underwater? Maybe the writer will make it so that they can't eat fruit (since they would still be able to breath underwater. ) Or maybe they just become weak swimmers? (LOL)

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  • SvarkImad

    I am missing one ... your help would be appreciated ...

    1 - Luffy: To become the Pirate King

    2 - Zoro: To become the world's greatest swordsman

    3 - Nami: To make a map of the world

    4 - Usopp: To become a brave warrior of the sea

    5 - Sanji: To find All Blue

    6 - Chopper: _______________________________ ?

    7 - Robin: To learn the true history of the world

    8 - Franky: To create his dream ship

    9 - Brooks: To reunite with his nakama (Laboon)

    Correct me if I am wrong on any of these. I can't remeber what Chopper's dream is exactly ..

    Is he the same as Usopp? trying to become a brave man of the sea? Or is he trying to become a doctor who can cure any illness? They make little reference to his personal dream anymore.

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