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I found this week’s manga chapter, chapter 731, to be a particularly fascinating read. Who would’ve gauged at Sabo returning to OP, almost resurrecting from the dead, if he even died at all. This chapter was revealing in three aspects:

1.       1. Oda is very unpredictable – do we have a war looming?

2.       2. With so many powerful characters such as: shichibukai, admirals, supernovas and possibly a yonko or two, too, this sets up the beginning for a remarkable arc – a war arc, including the revolutionaries in some capacity.

3.       3. The revolutionaries finally have some role in the main OP story line.

Although, in spite of the revealing and very exciting nature to this chapter, it also leaves open for the discussion of some details which the OP fandom would be struggling to agree upon. There is simply too many of such topics to discuss in one blog, so I will focus on the most interesting subject – just how strong is Sabo?

Well, one way to go about answering this dilemma would be to consider the childhood adventures of: Luffy, Ace and Sabo. From this we garner that Luffy is clearly the weakest of the three, with Sabo being a close second to Ace. This difference in power between Luffy and Ace continued into their teenage years, 17 and 19 years of age – in the absence of Sabo.

Thus, the most logical approach, in my opinion, would be to estimate Sabo’s power to be a little lower than the strength of Ace’s if he was alive and survived to train/live during the two-year time-skip that occurred. Hence, Sabo is still convincingly stronger than Luffy and since Ace effortlessly overpowered Blackbeard’s crew before being defeated narrowly by Blackbeard a few years ago, I would predict Sabo to beat Burges, too. Especially considering the possible training under Dragon that Sabo may have been privileged to have undertaken.

Please let me know what you think of this entry and my conclusions.