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I think that we can all agree this was one hell of a chapter! From Sabo’s destruction of the ring, to Sugar’s power behind released and of course, the declaration of a bronze statue for Usopp! Needless to say, each and every page was breathtakingly enthralling.

But, the talking point of the chapter has to be Doflamingo’s beheading by Kyros. Firstly, because he is the main antagonist of this arc, and is far too strong and evil a character to be beaten so easily. Oda is known for his surprises, twists and turns, but this would be a twist too far.

My theory for what has happened is that after Law was captured by Doflamingo, the young master had gotten Law to set up his ‘room’ before Kyros, as the toy soldier had even entered the picture. Whether he had done so by force or not, remains unclear but this, I feel, is the best explanation. Certainly, it explains Law’s lack of surprise or emotion at Doflamingo being supposedly killed and also why there was no blood at the scene. Why else would someone, who is willing to get killed for Doflamingo’s death not show any excitement on this occasion?