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  • Supernovalm

    I think that we can all agree this was one hell of a chapter! From Sabo’s destruction of the ring, to Sugar’s power behind released and of course, the declaration of a bronze statue for Usopp! Needless to say, each and every page was breathtakingly enthralling.

    But, the talking point of the chapter has to be Doflamingo’s beheading by Kyros. Firstly, because he is the main antagonist of this arc, and is far too strong and evil a character to be beaten so easily. Oda is known for his surprises, twists and turns, but this would be a twist too far.

    My theory for what has happened is that after Law was captured by Doflamingo, the young master had gotten Law to set up his ‘room’ before Kyros, as the toy soldier had even entered the picture. Whethe…

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  • Supernovalm

    Since reaching the rank of vice admiral in the 2 year time skip, many would have thought that Smoker – as he was before the time skip – would be a troublesome character for the Strawhats. He famously once said that he would “definitely crush” the Strawhats in the New World, after learning of their Enies Lobby success. He even went as far as to “swear on his pride”; a theme of great importance in this manga, just take the example of Ace.

    With such confidence in his abilities, and now having a rank to match his ‘arrogance’, I felt, as many others had, very disappointed by his performance thus far. Post-time-skip, he has fought Law, Vergo and Doflamingo. In each case, without exception, he was destroyed, as perhaps was his strong sense of pre-…

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  • Supernovalm

    I found this week’s manga chapter, chapter 731, to be a particularly fascinating read. Who would’ve gauged at Sabo returning to OP, almost resurrecting from the dead, if he even died at all. This chapter was revealing in three aspects:

    1.       1. Oda is very unpredictable – do we have a war looming?

    2.       2. With so many powerful characters such as: shichibukai, admirals, supernovas and possibly a yonko or two, too, this sets up the beginning for a remarkable arc – a war arc, including the revolutionaries in some capacity.

    3.       3. The revolutionaries finally have some role in the main OP story line.

    Although, in spite of the revealing and very exciting nature to this chapter, it also leaves open for the discussion of some details which t…

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