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  • SuperStrawHatSaiyan

    I think it has come to the attention of many avid One Piece manga fans that Toei Animations seems to be directing a different direction than what Oda has planned. Since, the timeskip that occured back in the autumn season of 2010, we have been astounded by the many new attributes, techniques, and enhancements by Monkey D. Luffy, most notably his control over Gear Second and Gear Third.

    While Luffy's control over Gear Third is not an issue, it kinda bothers me seeing the anime literarly changing nothing with the way  Luffy activates his Gear Second because it nerfs the point of Luffy's 2 year training and his wish for self-improvement. Another pet peeve would also be Sanji still requiring to spin to activate Diable Jambe despite the fact Oda…

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  • SuperStrawHatSaiyan

    Yeah, yeah, I know it's cliche and all, but I actually want to know what is your favorite One Piece moment. The thing that utterly captured your essence into One Piece. Mmhmm, just out of curiosity, so hopefully I get some input.

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  • SuperStrawHatSaiyan

    Well, as we can see, Noah is now falling down towards Fishman Island and it's impending doom is now underway, which leads me to say, WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?!?! Oda's on a break for 2 weeks, so who has any bright ideas, it'll be great to hear them.

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  • SuperStrawHatSaiyan

    Luffy and the whole Straw Hat Crew have not been seen for 3 CHAPTERS! What the hell could they be possibly doing?! Any predictions will help or console me, Thanks.....

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