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As you all know, the Strawhats are about to embark on another adventure of EPIC proportions! FINALLY, after several years of waiting, Luffy and the gang will be heading to Fishman Island!! No doubt, just GETTING to Fishman Island will be a struggle. But what's a trip to an island filled with half-fish/half-human creatures without some undersea adversaries? Here are some of my personal predictions about the newest saga in One Piece:

  • Arlong is BACK!! - I have a feeling that Arlong will make some kind of appearance in this saga. It could be possible that he escaped from prison. He'll definetly at the least be shown in a flashback of some sorts. Seeing Mohmoo with the Caribou Pirates kind of reassured me that this is possible. It would be cool to see a Hachi/Arlong conflict where Hachi defends the Strawhats and fights against Arlong. It would ALSO be cool if Arlong, Choo, and Kuurobi all got stronger! I would also like to see Oda change things up a bit and have Nami kick Arlong's butt instead of Luffy. That would be cool!!
  • The Story of the Sunny Pirates! - It's almost a given that the origin of/story of the Sunny Pirates will be explained in further detail. Fisher Tiger will be revealed and so will other crew members. Oda will most likely explain how Arlong was released into the East Blue by Jinbei, especially since Jinbei still has to apologoze to Luffy about that incident.
  • Fishman Dojo!! Karate Tournament?! - Introducing Fishman Dojo! The pride of Fishman Island! I have a feeling that there will be some AWESOME martial arts battles/techniques revealed in this saga! I think it would be cool if the dojo held a tournament of some kind which the Strawhats decide to participate in! Perhaps Luffy will be able to fight Jinbei and show him the fruits of his training. No doubt Oda will have some pretty cool martial arts techniques for ALL the different kinds of Fishmen!

There are many more things to be said about the possibilities of this exciting new saga in One Piece!! What are YOUR thoughts about my predictions? What do YOU predict will happen? Please comment below!!