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Hammond mentioned a "Neptune's Army" in chapter 608. Could there be a King Neptune ruling over Fishman Island? That would make sense to me. I also wondered if Hammond's "boss" could be related to Arlong somehow. They look like they could be related. Brothers perhaps? Whatever he is, he'll probably end up being a primary antagonist in this arc. I also wonder what kind of role Caribou will play throughout the rest of this saga. Will he become an ally, or remain a foe? He's a logia, so he could be powerful, but so far he doesn't seem like he'd be a match for Luffy. I'm pretty surprised that Sanji actually got his wish to see mermaids, but at least this might speed up his "rehabilitation". I can't wait to see more of the Fishman district! I'm guessing that's where the rest of the crew landed. Tell me more of what you expect to happen in this arc!