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  • Streetsahead

    Just some things I need to know about/see during this New World arc. This list isn't in order of importance, more like rolling off the top of my head. I'll leave some obvious out because everyone wants to see these: The inevitble confrontation between Luffy/Blackbeard and Luffy/Akainu, more info on the Void Century- why did the destroy that one civilization? Who were they?

    Don't bother even reading if you haven't read the latest chapters of the manga.

    1. Wtf exactly did Blackbeard do under that black sheet to steal Whitebeard's power?

    2. Is there any relation (not necessarily family wise) between between Akainu and Jewelry Bonney?

    3. Will we see more of Robin's story while she was with the Revolutionary Army during the two year time skip? Very…

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