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You all heard about the New World, the second half of the Grand Line and the place where the Straw Hats are about to enter. I was wondering just how bad is it, and how the Straw Hats are going to make it all the way to the end? In comparison, the Grand Line is called 'Paradise'. That just show how incredibly tougher this place is compared to the already tough Grand Line. The weather is hysterical and probably never calm and the people must be incredibly stronger (probably even more than Lucci). But just how tough is this place? Some of the Eleven Supernovas, the badass rookies that have more than Beli100,000,000 bounty just got there and were defeated by weird power (ship flaying in the air and crashes on a floating island (?), entire crew defeated but old women right after seeing lightning coming out of the sky like rain). If the Supernovas were defeated so easily, than that means the New World is a very tough place. So how will the Straw Hats deal with such a place? Will they have a calm day of just sailing under the blue sky, or will every moment they will be in danger? And how will the defeat such powerful enemies? Another thing i like to point out is that two years have passed since the Supernovas and the Blackbeard crew have set sail to the new world, and none of them became the pirate king! Not even Blackbeard himself or Kid! That can mean a lot of things:

  • Something happened to them along the way.
  • They made it to the end of the New World but couldn't reach One Piece because something was there that stopped them.
  • It takes more than two years to reach the end of the New World (although I don't think that's the case because the New World is supposed to be as long as the Grand Line, and it took the Straw Hats less than a year to reach the end).
  • They decided to stop on a calm island end not to move on.
  • They decided to go back to the Grand Line.

I don't know what happened to them, but i'm sure we will hear again from at least Kid Law and Blackbeard. So what happened to them? How will the Straw Hats face it? How many dangers will the Straw Hats face, or will they have too many calm days? What do you think?