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Earlier this week it was revealed that the time skip will reach the anime on 2nd October. Personally I am very excited and I can't wait for the time skip to arrive! Together with the time skip there are bond to be some changes in the anime. I believe we'll get a new opening, but that is pretty obvious. I also think the opening scene on each episode will be changed/removed to suit the time skip. The eyecachers will probably be changed too, the have been changed before and now they need to suit the time skip. One thing i'm not too sure about is if the series will be renamed and start over (like Naruto to Naruto Shippuden), or will it stay "One piece". Personally I prefer that it will stay One Piece and won't change, but some people say the series will be renamed to: "One Piece: New World". It's a good name but i still prefer just One Piece. It's still not clear at the moment, so i guess we'll have to wait until 2nd October! So what do you think about the changes? What are the changes going to be like? Is it good or bad? And do you think that the series will be renamed???

so far we have an image of the time skip anime, i hope that will be enoughfor you until October...

anime time skip!


i found two new images of the anime time skip, and they look a lot better! check them out:

Image 1

Image 2

one of the images even confirmed a new opening!