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So recently it was revealed that the time skip was reaching the anime on October 2nd. Personally, I was very excited when I found out about it, because I was waiting for the time skip to reach the anime for almost a year now (I don't read the manga). I thought that everybody else who watches the anime will be excited like me, but some people think otherwise. Some people think that the cover stories in the manga should be animated, and right before the time skip is a good place to animate them. I agree, but I prefer the time skip over the cover stories. Other people say that the anime should have a break, like the 4-week break last year before the time skip in the manga. People also say that we need to have fillers, like a month or so before the time skip. I think that the reason is that people don't want to reach the time skip and suddenly we'll have a lot of fillers because we're too close to the manga. I disagree. If you don't know, the manga used to be 10 months ahead of the anime, but now it's a whole year between the two, and you know why? It's because the anime expended the episodes and even added fillers for the last year and so. I believe they did that so they could rash a little more when the time skip comes, and they wouldn't need to add fillers. A whole year is a long time. It's like 45 manga chapters.

So what do you think? Should we have a break/fillers/cover stories, or should we just head straight to the time skip?

(for me, it's the time skip of course!).