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So I noticed that most people that come onto the chat have what you may call a label. Everyone has their own individual identity if you will, a name to represent their actions in the chat and out. YES EVERYONE I KNOW THIS IS EPIC CALM YOURSELVES.

Here is the list.

JAI: The Ghost

Kira: Energy of the chat

MJ: Randomness of the chat (Jades lapdog)

Skar: The chat's fail

SHB (me): The wrath of the chat (rici's idea)

Rici: The Guardian

​Croc: The chats laughter

THT: The fun of the chat (Titty)

GH: The calmness of the chat

Panda: Troll Queen

Hungry: Troll King

MDM: The Ahouness of the chat


Soul: The funny seriousness of the chat

ST: Pedobear

Neo: Highly respected Individual

Kuro: The gender bender

DP: Big Boss

Alpha: The shirtless man hunter

Hoot: The other sister

Enric: The popcorn king

X: Xail King

Zoro: Mr mood swings

Evan: Evanna


Murray: The Drunkard

Sara: The fun girl/Yaoi Queen

MoM: The serious/not serious fun guy

Nada: Meme King

Jade: Miss Lateness

Snipa: Notorious ussop fanboy

Now I do realize there is a whole heap of you I have either forgotten or couldn't add a label too. If people would like to leave suggestions that would be great.