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  • StrawKid

    Alright sluts as most of you know the great user User:Imhungry4444 has left our wiki. *Everyone mourns in silence*.................. Moving on. And most of you may have thought that would be the end of our shortly lived and beloved podcast, YOU WERE WRONG MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    "STFU SHB YOU BLOODY WANKER" *Quickly composes self.* (And no I have no idea why I did that either, just go with it)  

    Anyway back to the podcast business. Everyone:"About fucking time"

    Yes myself and Calu are going to bring it back but to do that we need a 3rd person to join us, that's where you guys come in. I would like each of you to nominate one person and for that person to either a…

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  • StrawKid

    Mr Waffle/Steak face

    June 27, 2012 by StrawKid

    Now we know what his name is, what else do we know about him?

    • Average sized guy
    • Dumb looking beard and glasses.
    • Uses a bamboo stick as weapon. (And knocked Law out with it)
    • Has a strange waffle/steak on his face.


    Truthfully we know nothing about him. Who do you think he is and what is his connection with Law?

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  • StrawKid

    Who is he

    June 14, 2012 by StrawKid

    I just wanted to get a general consensus on who people think this man is.

    These were all theories From Neo's blog.

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  • StrawKid

    Chat Society

    May 13, 2012 by StrawKid

    So I noticed that most people that come onto the chat have what you may call a label. Everyone has their own individual identity if you will, a name to represent their actions in the chat and out. YES EVERYONE I KNOW THIS IS EPIC CALM YOURSELVES.

    Here is the list.

    JAI: The Ghost

    Kira: Energy of the chat

    MJ: Randomness of the chat (Jades lapdog)

    Skar: The chat's fail

    SHB (me): The wrath of the chat (rici's idea)

    Rici: The Guardian

    ​Croc: The chats laughter

    THT: The fun of the chat (Titty)

    GH: The calmness of the chat

    Panda: Troll Queen

    Hungry: Troll King

    MDM: The Ahouness of the chat


    Soul: The funny seriousness of the chat

    ST: Pedobear

    Neo: Highly respected Individual

    Kuro: The gender bender

    DP: Big Boss

    Alpha: The shirtless man hunter

    Hoot: The oth…

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  • StrawKid

    Shanks vs Blackbeard

    January 28, 2012 by StrawKid

    Im not really sure there has been many blogs about this I apologise if there has.

    I have noticed alot of people discussing this.I was just curious to here peoples theories to how they think the Shanks vs Blackbeard fight will be played out. My theory is that blackbeard will somehow convince shanks to fight him 1 on 1. But shanks will get get ambushed. will BB be defeated (not likely it would ruin the story), will there be a battle between the crews themselves the redhairs vs the BB pirates and the other theory. Will shanks die or not? And when in the story will this happen?

    I am interested to hear everyones theories.

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