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    What do you think will the the ultimate role or greatest accomplishement each of the supernovas (Other than Luffy and Zorro) will add to OP by the manga's end? Pure speculation so be creative but be able to back up your prediction. 



    X Drake?





    Capone? (If we ever see him again)


    PS - This blog seemed a lot longer before I actually typed it out

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    Or at least not that I have seen but hey maybe I'm just looking too far into them: 

    1. On page 6 someone in the audience says they will pay to be saved which sounds to me like something a World Noble would do. Maybe one came out to see such a big tournament

    2. On page 7 the annoucer says "He holds our king in high asteem" like the people dont even realize he resigned at all

    3. What "Tidal Wave" do you all think Bellamy is referring to on page 10?

    4. Why name all these characters for most of them to be so irrrelevant? 

    Also I really hope Candevish beats Rebecca or I will lose all faith in the bounty system, and finally I want Bartolemeo and Bellamy to work together because neither still seem strong enough to me to handle all these guys teaming uā€¦

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  • StrawHatDavid

    So did any of you guys see episode 590? It was a crossover between Toriko One Piece and DBZ and I really enjoyed it. I watched it raw but you still get the main ideas there isnt much depth to the episode. Usually these mash-up types kinda suck but I liked this one a lot. 

    What di you guys think? Thanks for reading. David Out!

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  • StrawHatDavid

    704 Questions?

    April 3, 2013 by StrawHatDavid

    First off I really enjoyed 704 but damn it sure raised way more questioned then it answered so here are a fIew

    Who do you think will be the final 4? Obviously Jesus Burgess and Lucy will win A and C respectively but Im not too sure about the others. Personally I expect Candevish and Rebecca.

    What are all the other Character's roles going to be? There are so many characters introduced in this chapter and not even half of them can make it to round 2. So how will people like Bellamy, the Funk bros and Diamante contribute?

    Finally who do you think will actually end up eating the Mera Mera fruit? I personally hope its Candevish.

    Thanks for reading my first blog guys! Please comment with any feedback.

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