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Yo, this is mt first blog, so go easy on me okay?

The title is simple enough to understand, but if not, here it is: Does anyone think that the Straw Hat Crew need more members to join before the time skip?

I know that the main point of the crew is that they are small in numbers, but big in power, but does anyone think that they could have more to join?

We all know that luffy wants 10 members, so that leaves 2 left and a crew only has 2 position left:

Helmsman: but only luffy, zoro, and robin don't do that for varios reasons

Cabin boy, but nami gets anyone on the crew, but not robin, to do it. Even the captain!

So, if you do agree with this blog: post the link to said character, write their position to a crew, and how they would halp the crew in general.

Also, no oc's, only know, documented characters, so a filler character if you must, and try no to include df eaters, trying to limit the number on the crew.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and voicing your opinions.