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I'm a fan of Luffy x Hancock and I hope they get together. For awhile now i've wonder what would happen if they had a child. If they did have a kid i'm hoping it would be a girl. I kind of have an idea on what their daughter's haki would be like. Because the girl's parents both possess conqueror's haki the power is amplified inside her and she has a very rare ability known as "God's Haki." Just like conqueror's haki a person can only possess god's haki if they are born with it.

A person can only be born with god's haki if their parents both possess conqueror's haki. God's haki is so strong that the person can use it even before they're born, during which time the baby uses the haki to protect both it's parents from serious threats. Even after the kid is born their haki is so strong that it doesn't matter if someone has a stronger will than them because god's haki can knock out anyone, except the user's friends and loved ones, within a mile radius of the user.