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The Battle has come, Straw Hats VS. Big MOM Pirates Part 1

Staw-p January 8, 2012 User blog:Staw-p

On the sea in the New World

Luffy: How long till we get there?

Nami: Well, if Surume keeps up this paste we should get there within an hour.

Robin : I have a Battle plan, would you like to hear it

Everyone: YES!!!

Robin: First it’s the match-ups

Luffy vs. Big MOM

Zoro vs. Pecoms

Brook vs.Bobbin

Usopp vs Tamago

I(Robin) will take the 3 eyed girl

Franky, Sanji and Namy can take care of all the lower ranking subordinates.

Nami: (thinking to herself) then I can go find her luit.

Sanji: oh my sweet Robin whattt a PERFECT PLAN.

Elsewhere on a Marine ship in The New World

Marine: Comandor Smoker they are headed to Hole Cake Island sir.

Smoker: Well set corse then.

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