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Zephyr Loses his Arm

Who did this??

So,I've been thinking of this or a long time.I read on Z's page that he had his arm cut by a Shichibukai so I was thinking if this Shichibukai will make a canon appearance in the series. Or could it be a Shichibukai already introduced? If the second theory is correct, I think it would be Doflamingo because I don't think there is another Shichibukai that cruel and the majority of them don't use weapons that can cut (except for Mihawk obviously but I really don't think he is the one that did this). But if this theory is not correct, will this Shichibukai that has yet to make an appearance be introduced? Perhaps it's a former Shichibukai that resigned before Luffy became a pirate and nobody has ever mentioned him. We know nothing about the former Shichibukai after all,right?

That's pretty much all I wanted to ask you so tell me your theories.

Oh and one last question, If that Shichibukai appears, will this make Movie 12 canon? Or at least Z?

Cyaa all.