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Hi everyone \'o'/ I'm here with another staw blog.....OH THE HORROR....

Anyway, this is yet another braindead blog of mine about theme songs for the users of the wiki. Let me explain...Lately, on chat we have started giving theme songs at each other so per Kage's and Nova's suggestion, I am here to present you guys our theme songs and give you theme songs too *^*

So, here I go..

  1. User:Staw-Hat Luffy
  2. User:Awaikage
  3. User:12th Supernova
  4. User:DancePowderer
  5. User:Fintin
  6. User:Jademing
  7. User:Piece enrik
  8. User:X-RAPTOR
  9. User:Roranoa zoro
  10. User:Pandawarrior
  11. User:Galaxy9000
  12. User:SeaTerror
  13. User:Ricizubi
  14. User:Besty17
  15. User:XGlass Reflection
  16. User:Straw Hat Boy
  17. User:The Humaniod Typhoon
  18. User:Marcus Junior
  19. User:Skarletscarab
  20. User:Ryuzakiforever
  21. User:KuroAshi98
  22. User:Vazelos3
  23. User:Imhungry4444
  24. User:Coffee Shop Corporate Raider
  25. User:Cpt.Canuck
  26. User:DarkSkullPirates
  27. User:Shokolade
  28. User:Videogamep
  29. User:Roranoa Zoro II

Just ask for a theme song in the comments and we'll get you one (you can't choose yours, none of our chose our theme songs).