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Yo fellow One Piece fans.

For those who watch the anime, aren't you disappointed of the animation? First of all, the color schemes... Look at Caesar's Colors scheme in the manga

Caesar Clown's Manga Color Scheme
light blue
Caesar Clown Portrait
dark blue

And now look at his color scheme in the anime

Caesar Clown Anime Infobox
pink and white.....

Are you fucking kidding me? Also look at his Devil Fruit's color.

Caesar's Gas Form

It is supposed to be orange, but it's pink

Also look at the smiley's color I always thought that thing is green, but it's full red/purple....

And apart from the colors, they animation screwed up in general. Look at Smoker's and Law's fight.... C'mon! So blue and white... I realize that the scene is blue because they are inside Law's room but c'mon! So blue and white, not only in the air but the characters' colors are changed too. I don't know what's happening now in the anime cause i stopped watching due to my disappointment. I only hope that the Dressrosa arc will have better animation.

File:Colored Smoker in Tashigi's Body.png