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I just remembered that Law said to Doflamingo he will be chased by the ADMIRALS if he quits his Shichibukai position.So there must be more than one Admirals.But who could they be?I hope they're new characters  because none of the Vice Admirals is qualified for the admiral position.So I have three theories about that

  1. I believe that the marines had a new recruit during the timeskip and apparently he was capable of achiving the Admiral poition
  2. There was a very strong new world Vice admiral that Oda hasn't introduced to us yet and he was promoted during the timeskip.
  3. A villain that we have already met joined the marines and achieve the admiral position.The only villains that are that strong are Maggelan,but we already know he was demoted instead of being promoted and Enel.If Enel went down to earth during the timeskip and joined the marines with his army of robots,I'm sure he could become an Admiral in two years time.

Tell me your opinion