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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Guys!'S BACK

So I just remembered that we had a fun event last year, so why not do it again \'o'/

Most of the old edit whores including myself are now either inactive or banned *cough Gal St cough* and instead of us new people are heeeeeeeeeere so why not let me know how good you guys whore nowadays ( -_-)

So, after this boring intro, let's explain how this shet works:

In order to participate, just post this in the comments: {{Userstats|YourUsername}}

Not all namespaces count cuz nobody can reach my and gal's level of having over 1000 edits even on file talk pages.... >_> Wtf was I doing with my life ._. *breaks done*

Yeah, anyway the namespaces that count are:

  1. Article
  2. User page (worst one :P)
  3. User talk (Most talkative person. Alternatively, the one that fixed the most redlinks in anons' talks *cough*St*cough*)
  4. Files (This automatically goes to Gal, rest of us are competing for the second place ;)
  5. Templates (Codeguy)


Now I just lost the attention of all bloggers here. NO WAIT, I'M NOT DONE!

The most important namespaces are

  1. User blog comments (Da boss)
  2. User blog edits (Da whore)

K, now I'm done.

No wait, I gotta cite the past hosts first..