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Yo wiki people! This is the most random blog ever but anyway.

As the title suggests, I'll explain how epic that guy, Camel the Penguin, is. First of all, take a good look at him.

Camel Manga Infobox

Doesn't me seem badass? No? Here are some arguments that might persuade you that he's awesome

  • Aokiji and Doflamingo are fighting and he doesn't give two shits but instead, he's sleeping
  • Badass enough to be Aokiji's mate after he resigned.
  • He's huge yet cute. That's pretty hard to achieve.
  • What I said above.

Not to mention that he's good at water related stuff.

And don't forget, Camel is a SUPER PENGUIN

Still not persuaded? (I doubt it but anyway)

If you still don't believe that that guy is epic, re-read my blog.

Now, after all those arguments I firmly believe that Camel is the next Straw Hat.

Please don't hit me