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Hi everyone! Welp, seeing that the wiki's discussions are moving terribly slowly, I decided to make a blog, after asking the opinion of some chat uses, in order to inform the part of the community that doesn't really care about discussions and all because I figured it's good to keep you updated either way. So, here ago..


First of, I'll just link the polls of the wiki that should interest everyone. Please keep in mind you must be a registered user for three months and have at least 300 edits in order to vote.

Oh, silly me, I almost forgot about One Piece Encyclopedia:Featured Article Polls where we nominate and vote about all the featured article on the wiki. It's a fun thing to do so check it out.


Moving on to the discussions, since there are way too many, I'll only list the most important ones.

And of course I kept the best and most interesting discussion last. The blog rules discussion. Forum:Clear Blog Rules because the previous forum never made blogs rules except for one, the unrelated blogs rule. That should be interesting for all of you so we expect your input.

File Talks

File talk pages are not so important so I decided to separate them. Here it goes.

So, that's all. If you want me to add a discussion in here, just say it in the comments. I hope you won't overlook my blog because it's kinda long but you will take part in the discussions because they concern the wiki we all edit and like.

Also, please tell me if this blog was any useful because if yes, I could do similar blogs every now and then in order to keep you updated. And not only me, whoever is interested.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  17:27, October 27, 2013 (UTC)