One Piece Encyclopedia


One Piece character

hey whats up create your own one piece character heres how.

  • Side: (Marine or Pirate etc....)
  • Power / skill: (Swordsmen,Cook)
  • Devil fruit: (if you have one)
  • Name:
  • Bounty / Rank: (if your a Pirate or your rank if your a Marine)
  • Crew / Affiliation:

Heres mying.

  • Side:Pirate
  • Power/skill:Devil Fruit User
  • Devil Fruit:Ryū Ryū Ryū Ryū Fruit (Dragon Dragon Fruit) (The Ryu Ryu Fruit allows the user to turn into a large fire breathing Dragon)
  • Name:Daniel
  • Bounty:140.000.000
  • Crew:Fire Pirates (leader of the Fire Pirates)

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