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Hey guys! I came back to this wiki after a break for a few weeks due to holidays, family problems, stress, health issues and complete and utter CHAOS! *Ahem* Anyway, thats not why I am here... I have noticed a bit of discussion on characters you all dislike. That gave me an idea for what is hopefully a rather unique blog (I hope). My challenge to you is to find the character that you dislike more than any other and list five legitimate and different things that you like about that character.

Heres mine


  1. He is based off a panda. Pandas are AWESOME!
  2. He is stubborn. A coward maybe... But he is most certainly tenacious. Not quick to give up on his goal
  3. He may be a bit of an idiot, but he is no fool. He knows when he cant win a fight, and knows when he has an advantage.
  4. He is willing to go to great lengths to achieve what he wants.
  5. He carries a sword that can turn into an elephant... 'nuff said\

Sooo... Think you can do it?