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For Real?!

Sopkvazzt January 4, 2011 User blog:Sopkvazzt

There's been much talk about Devil Fruits in real life and such stuff lately, but, just out of curiosity, which character in One Piece would you most want to be real, and which one would you least wish would be real?

For me the one i want to see for real would probably be Brook, Chopper, Bepo or Keimi (Can't decide...), because they couldn't possibly be real, and they all have pretty nice personalities too. And least is definitely San Juan Wolf, come on, who would want a giant of that size wandering the streets?

Please tell me who you would want and who you wouldn't want to see in real life, and a reason for the choice would be nice too! And, that you probably understand, this of course has nothing to do with favourite characters!

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