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  • Sopkvazzt

    Otohime's Impact?

    February 18, 2011 by Sopkvazzt

    Ok, I'm actually one of those who thinks the Strawhats shouldn't have anymore members, but I think I remember someone mentioning that it was revealed in the Green Databook (?) that there will be another member. If so, ever since i read Chaper 615 i think that someone in the Royal Family will be the new member. Why? Because of Queen Otohime's death. I think that we will eventually get to see that in a flashback, and then that will follow a part of the thread in everyone's procedure of joining.

    So if that's the case then who will it be? For myself, i believe it will probably be Fukaboshi. Shirahoshi seems too weak, and too big... And i can't see either Manboshi or Ryuuboshi fitting in on the ship. And Neptune is definitey not an option, he see…

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  • Sopkvazzt

    For Real?!

    January 4, 2011 by Sopkvazzt

    There's been much talk about Devil Fruits in real life and such stuff lately, but, just out of curiosity, which character in One Piece would you most want to be real, and which one would you least wish would be real?

    For me the one i want to see for real would probably be Brook, Chopper, Bepo or Keimi (Can't decide...), because they couldn't possibly be real, and they all have pretty nice personalities too. And least is definitely San Juan Wolf, come on, who would want a giant of that size wandering the streets?

    Please tell me who you would want and who you wouldn't want to see in real life, and a reason for the choice would be nice too! And, that you probably understand, this of course has nothing to do with favourite characters!

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  • Sopkvazzt


    September 18, 2010 by Sopkvazzt

    Just thought about this a while ago, and i wanted to see what you think about it...

    Could it be that Bink(s) is a town in West Blue, and that it’s Shanks ( and maybe also the Rumbar Pirates ) hometown ? because when Shanks talks to Whitebeard in Chapter 434, he says that he has been around the world but nothing tastes better than sake from his hometown, and then the song Bink's Sake would be about that sake too ?

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