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4 weeks no OP makes homer do something something...

Go crazy dont mind if i do!!!!!!!!!!

Well for the rest of us what shall we do. since this is a blog lets make a list of things to do for the next 4 weeks in preperation for the new manga things to do b4 the new release. plz add yer own be as funny as possible. heres mine.


2 drink rum (the drink of kaizoku)

3 complain your life is not worth living cause luffy isnt doin shit

4 make some friends (your on here obviously you dont have any)

5 re-read past episodes

6 drink more rum

7 watch adult swim (u got anything better to do???)

8 r4n 5nt6 the street and get hit by a car go into a coma and wake up in 4 weeks to read he new manga

9 get into a relation ship with a member of the opposite sex (break it off after 4 weeks because onepiece is mor important than sex)

10 go to tokyo japan frequent the bars till u run into oda then complain in loud slow english that he needs to get back to work buy him drinks till he is so drunk he finally gives in and seek out info on WTF is gonna hapen in the next issue of OP and make sure to get an autograph then drink some rum it is the drink of choice of all pirates and makes your chinko man hood bigger or your woman hood better lols