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  • Sono kaizoku

    4 weeks no OP makes homer do something something...

    Go crazy dont mind if i do!!!!!!!!!!

    Well for the rest of us what shall we do. since this is a blog lets make a list of things to do for the next 4 weeks in preperation for the new manga things to do b4 the new release. plz add yer own be as funny as possible. heres mine.

    1 read bleach (SOMETHING IS HAPPENING)

    2 drink rum (the drink of kaizoku)

    3 complain your life is not worth living cause luffy isnt doin shit

    4 make some friends (your on here obviously you dont have any)

    5 re-read past episodes

    6 drink more rum

    7 watch adult swim (u got anything better to do???)

    8 r4n 5nt6 the street and get hit by a car go into a coma and wake up in 4 weeks to read he new manga

    9 get into a relation ship with a m…

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  • Sono kaizoku

    new shichibukai

    August 6, 2010 by Sono kaizoku

    any theorys on who the new shichibukais might be? whom i think might make it is buggy (yes i know he's weak) however, his new crew is pretty stron g and he was seen doing some crazy stuff in the war. He also recieved a letter from the WG. so you have to admit its a plausable theory (though i dont wanna see him in a shichibukai position. It would add to the humor. so if im correct theres three seats open Morias, crocodile/BB, and Jinbei's. u think odas gonna bring in some new blood or former characters? maybe even one of the S

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