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Luffy the Panda

Sntntn April 23, 2015 User blog:Sntntn
  • ==Is this panda form just a transition?​==

I will be disapointed if Luffy defeats Mingo in this form. He is to big, he seems like he is not very agile or flexible, also he looks like a panda, did I mention this before? I think i did. Anyway, it is just a clumsy form that doesnt fit Luffy's personality or fighting stile. I just don't see Luffy as a big dude, he is skinny, strong and endurent as hell.  

I hope this is just some kind of a transition form or maybe he has more animals in his rich repertoire of techniques. I was also hoping on the vulcanization theory but maybe that will be gear 5? That.Would.Be.Awesome.


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