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  • Sntntn

    Fujitora's scars

    May 29, 2015 by Sntntn

    I've recently come accros a theory about Fujitora's scar on his face. It is interesting to think about where they came from. My personal beliefe is that he got them from a past tragic story. We all know all the big characters in OP have a story behind them.

    To me, these scars look like burn marks. What if he got these by trying to save some one (maybe a loved person) from a fire and lost his sight doing it. This could also be the moment when he got his haki? If we think about it, a lot of characters achieve some sort of haki under great stress. Fujitora probably had the same experience and he traid his sight for ultimate observing haki.

    What do you guys think?

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  • Sntntn

    Luffy the Panda

    April 23, 2015 by Sntntn
    • ==Is this panda form just a transition?​==

    I will be disapointed if Luffy defeats Mingo in this form. He is to big, he seems like he is not very agile or flexible, also he looks like a panda, did I mention this before? I think i did. Anyway, it is just a clumsy form that doesnt fit Luffy's personality or fighting stile. I just don't see Luffy as a big dude, he is skinny, strong and endurent as hell.  

    I hope this is just some kind of a transition form or maybe he has more animals in his rich repertoire of techniques. I was also hoping on the vulcanization theory but maybe that will be gear 5? That.Would.Be.Awesome.


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  • Sntntn

    Law is dead

    March 19, 2015 by Sntntn

    Law is dead but his soul remains. The only proof for that are the last words on the last page of the latest manga. There's a voice saying: "Listen up Strah Hat-ya!" Law is the only one calling Luffy like that. This could be possible since we don't know the true powers of the Ope Ope No Mi yet. I assume it's him and in the next chapters he's going to help him defeat Doffy. 

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  • Sntntn

    Law's soul lives on

    March 19, 2015 by Sntntn

    Here is what i think.

    Law is dead, but his soul lives on beause of the ope ope fruit. The only proof I have for that is the last words on the last page. Some voice said: "listen up Straw Hat-ya". Law is the only one who called him like that. His counciusnes must still be present but not in his body. I think this is one of the great powers of Ope-Ope No Mi. 

    And now he is going to help Luffy defeat Doffy. Or sabo is going to help. Or i don't know i'm still cofused about what's going to hapen.


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  • Sntntn

    Anime 683

    March 1, 2015 by Sntntn

    So, the first surprise was of course the epic 30s fight bethween Luffy and Fujitora. It seems that luffy is fast enaugh for Fujitora but not quite strong yet. Same goes for Zoro, but if they were to fight him together then they would tottaly win. 

    Next, the funny Bartolomeo moments :D so funny, loving this character so far. Robin got a lot stronger since the TS.

    And now the part that, I believe, we've been allwaiting for, Pica's voice... I was very disapointed, i did not expect a voice of a baby smegal, I was hoping for more like the voice from that live tv show when the host was laughing his ass ( )

    But yeah, I thought it was one of tthe good animes.

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