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and they lived happily ever after

Sniper'san November 7, 2011 User blog:Sniper'san

we all know that all the strawhats have the will to achive their goals, but what happens after they have accomplished their dreams?

luffy will let smoker arrest him and start a new pirate age?

robin will broadcast information about the void century ?

nami would sell the map of the world for [1] ?

brook and laboon will go on tour?

chopper will find the courage to travel the world treating sick people?

usopp will stay on elbaf as their leader?

zorro will start a dojo and train a girl?

sanji will open a resturant on all blue?

franky will return to water seven and work at the gallay la company with ice?

thousand sunny would eat a lion fruit and stay with usopp? (he was closest to merry after all)

not only the strawhats, the whole one piece world would change when one piece is found, all those pirates who will stand without a cause, what would happen to them?

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