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hello fellow wikians, it is me, sniper.

if you havent noticed i have been gone for quite some time, now i have returned, though i am not sure what i have returned too.

these kinds of blogs are more common today (not saying they werent before) and mostly its new users who make these kinds of blogs.

now, i know there are still blogs that are cool and the bad blogs only are few, BUT, the problem isnt only the blogs, also chat is hit hard.

what i am saying is that the wiki has changed, and i know we cant stop change and that most people would tell me to "deal with it!"

and i will, some people are leving the wiki otheres are just afk and other are desperatly trying to start covos on chat.

what i am coming at is that the NEW BLOG ERA is over (for anyone not familiar check out this blog!-The_List_of_the_%22rookies%22!)

now one era has ended a new one has started, i want to know if this marks the begining of a new blog era with names like AYET and SATCHI and OPN (if he is still around)

or do you think this era still hasnt ended and that the change only exist in my stupid little head?