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as you all know, i am black, so you would all expect my skills to be of the track.

but believe me, they are all wack, but i know that, so please, no feedback

this blog is gonna be all about RHYMES, and as we all know, sometimes, words just fly out of our minds.

so this might sound irrational, a rap battle royale, INTERNATIONAL.

so dust off your creativity, crank up the produktivity, and leave out the negativity, (monkey. D. ME)

it dont have to be a specific user, so dont be a looser, bring a BATTLE CRUISER

so if you are bored, let the words be your sword, victoury will be your reward.

  • for those of you who did not understand me killing the art of poetry my failed attempt to rhyme*

post a comment with a verse or two describing the next person.

if you wanna fight someone in particular, you can reply to them.

sniper: "DJ spin that sh**"