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    June 5, 2012 by Sniper'san

    first of all if this violates the rules for blogs then just delete it (i dont know where else to write this)

    i am having lots of difficulties joining chat lately, and its not only me, other users cant seem to join chat as well.

    where does the problem come from? and who is in charge of maintanence? and is there any way to fix it?

    chat seems to either stay blanc or disconnect me after a few seconds (the latter seems to have disappeared leaving only an empty chat window)

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  • Sniper'san

    hello fellow wikians, it is me, sniper.

    if you havent noticed i have been gone for quite some time, now i have returned, though i am not sure what i have returned too.

    these kinds of blogs are more common today (not saying they werent before) and mostly its new users who make these kinds of blogs.

    now, i know there are still blogs that are cool and the bad blogs only are few, BUT, the problem isnt only the blogs, also chat is hit hard.

    what i am saying is that the wiki has changed, and i know we cant stop change and that most people would tell me to "deal with it!"

    and i will, some people are levin…

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  • Sniper'san

    Rhymes from the new world

    November 11, 2011 by Sniper'san

    as you all know, i am black, so you would all expect my skills to be of the track.

    but believe me, they are all wack, but i know that, so please, no feedback

    this blog is gonna be all about RHYMES, and as we all know, sometimes, words just fly out of our minds.

    so this might sound irrational, a rap battle royale, INTERNATIONAL.

    so dust off your creativity, crank up the produktivity, and leave out the negativity, (monkey. D. ME)

    it dont have to be a specific user, so dont be a looser, bring a BATTLE CRUISER

    so if you are bored, let the words be your sword, victoury will be your reward.

    • for those of you who did not understand me killing the art of poetry my failed attempt to rhyme*

    post a comment with a verse or two describing the next person.

    if you w…

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  • Sniper'san

    we all know that all the strawhats have the will to achive their goals, but what happens after they have accomplished their dreams?

    luffy will let smoker arrest him and start a new pirate age?

    robin will broadcast information about the void century ?

    nami would sell the map of the world for [1] ?

    brook and laboon will go on tour?

    chopper will find the courage to travel the world treating sick people?

    usopp will stay on elbaf as their leader?

    zorro will start a dojo and train a girl?

    sanji will open a resturant on all blue?

    franky will return to water seven and work at the gallay la company with ice?

    thousand sunny would eat a lion fruit and stay with usopp? (he was closest to merry after all)

    not only the strawhats, the whole …

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  • Sniper'san

    in the spirit of the new era.

    we have seen alot of devil fruits, and every fruit have its own special set of attacks.

    crete and name an devil fruit attack, choose a alredy existing fruit or you can also create your own fruit but you have to explain the fruit first.

    dont limit it only to devil fruits only be creative :-D

    Door to hell- bomb

    a good attack for blueno would be to have a room full of explosives and let them rain down on his foes

    door to hell- fire

    having a room in constant falmes on a remote location and send you foe to that place and trap him there

    door to hell - water

    drop a df user in the sea

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