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Hi Everyone. This ismyfirst blog so please try to overlook my mistakes in it.

First I think we're not see yet how the Straw Hats will turn the tide. There are so many enemies. Big Mom, The Vinsmokes and Capone Bege. At this point I'm still listing to this group Pudding because I think she hiding some things behind the events Luffy and his group went through. Of course I'll not saying anything about it. 

Here comes the main course of my blog. Luffy and his group is reallyin need of some help. Especially from strong people who can win against strong opponents. We have Jinbe but we have yet to see what happened to him and where is he now. I think Pekoms survived and he will help at the end of the Arc. (Of course he's not gonna help against Big Mom but he'll dealwith Capone Bege.) 

And finally Sweet Commander Snack. I think after he/she lost to Urouge, Big Mom discarded him/her and sent to the Prisoner Library. Luffy and Nami will meet Snack here when they escape from the prison. Snack want to regain his position in Big Mom's crew but not with a battle against Luffy. Snack wants th prove his/her worth and in the end Snack will challenge Smoothie or Katakuri. Of course I'm not saying Snack want to betray Big Mom but still think that nobody worthy against a Sweet Commander and if Snack wants to prove his/her worth asSweet Commander he/she must defeat one of two undefeated Sweet Commander.

I don't know what will happen and I don't know anything I theorized will come true but I hope some of you enoyed it or find it interesting.

Thank you for reading.