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Last week we finally meet Sweet Commander Katakuri with a bounty of berry. (Sorry I don't know how to add the berry symbol.) And after I read the blog about the last chapter I'm quite agree with so many of you: Katakuri is worth for our waiting!

Actually I'm not gonna reveal any bounty that we don't know yet. Instead I want to start a discuss about the bounties itself. I want to know about your opinion guys. Which characters bounty your interesting and how many do cost it?

I want to know Amande, Mont-d'Or and Galette's bounty. Maybe you interested in why I don't wanna know Opera's bounty. To be honest he's not a very likeable character to me. He remembers me to a slime monster but usually those are so weak so I don't want to know a guy's bounty who resemble to a weak slime monster. (Sorry if I offended someone with the weak slime monster thought but that's my opinion.)

Of course I also want to know the other strong Yonko pirates who we don't know yet.

And last but not least the Yonko's bounties. But I think those 4-5 (including Whitebeard) will never be revealed.

What are your thought about this?