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Hi my friends. Recently I had an idea and I thought it might worth sharing with you.

Recently we all waiting for something big st Sanji's wedding at Whole Cake Island. I don't know if the KX Launchers will or even can kill Big Mom and I won't speculate it. But I think those weapons can hurt Big Mom, but they can only cause injuries. After Big Mom got injured by those weapons a big battle start. In the end Luffy (with some help from his companions) must defeat Big Mom. Of course every good guy will win their respective battles. And before Luffy can set sail forward to Wano, he and his co. must clear things up with Big Mom's crew.

And this is where my idea start. Part 1: With everything happened in the wedding we finally have a honest conversation between Pudding and Sanji. And it turns out Pudding has real feelings for Sanji and want to marry him for real. After some thinking Sanji is not against the idea but this time no blackmailing or anything dark manipulation. With Big Mom is down the Charlotte family oldest children take the lead and agreeing in it.

Part 2: After Big Mom's lose against Luffy and their little sister is marrying one of Luffy's strongest crewmember the Big Mom Pirates start to think things over and before Luffy leave Totto Land they decide to join Luffy. And after some briefing they'll be the next division of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. And their loyalty to Luffy is granted with Pudding marriage.

I can't say enough this is just an idea, Something I thought it would be interesting and good. (With this outcome Luffy has a great force to win the final great battle against Black Beard and the Marines on Raftel's shores.) So please lower your critic. And of course I'm interested in all your opinions.

Thank you for reading.