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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Hi my friends. Recently I had an idea and I thought it might worth sharing with you.

    Recently we all waiting for something big st Sanji's wedding at Whole Cake Island. I don't know if the KX Launchers will or even can kill Big Mom and I won't speculate it. But I think those weapons can hurt Big Mom, but they can only cause injuries. After Big Mom got injured by those weapons a big battle start. In the end Luffy (with some help from his companions) must defeat Big Mom. Of course every good guy will win their respective battles. And before Luffy can set sail forward to Wano, he and his co. must clear things up with Big Mom's crew.

    And this is where my idea start. Part 1: With everything happened in the wedding we finally have a honest conversa…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Last week we finally meet Sweet Commander Katakuri with a bounty of berry. (Sorry I don't know how to add the berry symbol.) And after I read the blog about the last chapter I'm quite agree with so many of you: Katakuri is worth for our waiting!

    Actually I'm not gonna reveal any bounty that we don't know yet. Instead I want to start a discuss about the bounties itself. I want to know about your opinion guys. Which characters bounty your interesting and how many do cost it?

    I want to know Amande, Mont-d'Or and Galette's bounty. Maybe you interested in why I don't wanna know Opera's bounty. To be honest he's not a very likeable character to me. He remembers me to a slime monster but usually those are so weak so I don't want to kn…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    First I want tell something, if you don't want to see a full-scale battle between Luffy and Big Mom please don't read this blog. I personally hoping for a big clash as Totto Land finale. Like we saw in Dressrosa.

    Allow me to explain why I hope/think the battle with Big Mom and her crew is necessary and unavoidable.

    Luffy and his group turned upside down the Seducing Woods and some part of Whole Cake Chateau. Cracker defeated by Luffy (and Nami) and severely injured in the process. Chopper and Carrot invaded the Mirror-World and took Brulée as hostage. Jinbe burnt Mont-d'Or's collection of books when he saved Luffy and Nami. Nami and the others rescued Brook from Big Mom's clutches totally fooling her and her three strongest homie in the proc…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Hi Everyone. This ismyfirst blog so please try to overlook my mistakes in it.

    First I think we're not see yet how the Straw Hats will turn the tide. There are so many enemies. Big Mom, The Vinsmokes and Capone Bege. At this point I'm still listing to this group Pudding because I think she hiding some things behind the events Luffy and his group went through. Of course I'll not saying anything about it. 

    Here comes the main course of my blog. Luffy and his group is reallyin need of some help. Especially from strong people who can win against strong opponents. We have Jinbe but we have yet to see what happened to him and where is he now. I think Pekoms survived and he will help at the end of the Arc. (Of course he's not gonna help against Big …

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