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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Hi, my friends! Since I think we’re almost finished for this year and we can’t have too much chapters in 2017 (yet 2 max). I’m writing this blog with a single purpose, I want to start a discussion about what we are hoping that will happen next year.


    For example: I don’t think we’ll get a complete Reverie Arc and TBH I don’t want that. But I’m hoping that we’ll having a little insight what’s happening there.


    I’m also hoping that we’re getting to know some of the other Charlotte children’s bounty. I’m hoping for Amande, Galette and Mont-d’Or’s bounty. As for the battles, I can’t say what match-ups would be great. I’m hoping for a Brook vs. Amande but I don’t know what other match-ups will happen or that if my hoped match-up will happen.


    I’m …

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Big Mom's Fall

    November 8, 2017 by Sithlord Andeddu

    Before I’ll start explaining my theory, I want to tell its not like I’m actually believe in this, but the recent turning of events lead me to this.

    I don’t know who, when and how will go down from the BMP but we all know that somehow Luffy will win against Katakuri. (Alright at least I think that will happen.) Right now I don’t see that Big Mom going down either in battle or another method. But after the events unfolding in Totto Land there will be a major power gap in Big Mom’s crew.

    Out of the 3 Sweet Generals, Cracker is already out of commission. Smoothie is not so active and effective like we all hoped. And Katakuri will be out of commission soon. Furthermore the BMP have a great deal of damage. We don’t know what’s with Bobbin and Oper…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    First, I think all of you guessed in this blog I’ll be telling a theory of my own about Smoothie will become the leader of the Big Mom Pirates. And of course I’m hoping to discuss my idea with you all.

    To start my idea, I want to summarize what we all know about Sweet Commander Charlotte Smoothie. As a Sweet Commander she’s one of the three highest ranking member of the crew and has the greatest amont of authority among the crew. (After Big Mom, of course.) Smoothie has a bounty of over 900 million and an unknown, probably paramecia type devil fruit. But as some of you already stated that until now she’s underwhelming. To be honest I also expected so much more from Smoothie, but looks like she’s not gonna activate herself.

    Now I think you al…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Hi my friends. Recently I had an idea and I thought it might worth sharing with you.

    Recently we all waiting for something big st Sanji's wedding at Whole Cake Island. I don't know if the KX Launchers will or even can kill Big Mom and I won't speculate it. But I think those weapons can hurt Big Mom, but they can only cause injuries. After Big Mom got injured by those weapons a big battle start. In the end Luffy (with some help from his companions) must defeat Big Mom. Of course every good guy will win their respective battles. And before Luffy can set sail forward to Wano, he and his co. must clear things up with Big Mom's crew.

    And this is where my idea start. Part 1: With everything happened in the wedding we finally have a honest conversa…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Last week we finally meet Sweet Commander Katakuri with a bounty of berry. (Sorry I don't know how to add the berry symbol.) And after I read the blog about the last chapter I'm quite agree with so many of you: Katakuri is worth for our waiting!

    Actually I'm not gonna reveal any bounty that we don't know yet. Instead I want to start a discuss about the bounties itself. I want to know about your opinion guys. Which characters bounty your interesting and how many do cost it?

    I want to know Amande, Mont-d'Or and Galette's bounty. Maybe you interested in why I don't wanna know Opera's bounty. To be honest he's not a very likeable character to me. He remembers me to a slime monster but usually those are so weak so I don't want to kn…

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